RFP Questionnaire for Large File Transfer System

by admin on February 13, 2008

To help companies that are evaluating large file transfer systems or that need to select a service that supports your needs to send large files, I have produced a document that will save you a lot of time. I believe that for someone who has not worked in the space this document will save you weeks of work and lots of money.

This document is provided at no cost for your complete review. I encourage and welcome it being reproduced, reposted and circulated. I ask that the document not be used for commercial purposes and that the document remain unchanged.

So you might be asking what’s the catch.

Well first, I am interested in having the document reposted as that will increase the number of page links coming into Send Large Files. That’s a good thing for me as the site is climbing in the ranks for the search term send large files. If there are more links to the site or the file then that will increase our page ranking – all good stuff.

Is there more? Yes.

I think that this document will save you weeks of time and lots of money.

I have been looking at these services and it took me months to collect these questions.

I have put a lot of work into this document and ask that if you want to use it for your RFP that you purchase a commercial license for a small amount compared to the time and many dollars it will save you.

The commercial license is priced at less than two hours of my time.

I believe you will find this to be a very high ROI for you when you need to select a system for sending large files. You will save lots of money, get the right system the first time and avoid the risks that I have seen.

That’s why I have set up a license that requires attribution, allows only non-commercial use and restricts modifications to the document. It is free for your complete review. Share it with others. Repost it on the web. I think that you will find it incredibly valuable.

Click here to review the Save Large Files RFP Questionnaire now.

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Gad April 8, 2008 at 4:02 am

I’m involved with a startup in the field of large file transfer that is developing a real innovative solution.

I’d love to be in touch with you to discuss it and hopefully to retain your services as a consultant. I’d appreciate it if you could reply with your contact information. best regards, Gad

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