Send Large Files Using Elephant Drive

by admin on March 4, 2009


Elephant Drive is a fantastic service for sending large files that provides an easy to use file back up, virtual hard drive and send large files capability.

The main service provides a way to back up your files automatically up onto a data center somewhere on the internet. But what interested me was what they call a Trunk drive that creates the ability to send large files.. A Trunk drive is a virtual hard drive that acts just like a local hard drive. It has folders and files along with the ability to drag and drop files just like you do with your local hard drive.

Once you put a file on your hard drive, you just select it and use the Elephant Drive’s email service to send a notice to whoever you want to send the large file to. They get a free account and can share the file with you.

Super easy and affordable too.

They have a free trial so don’t wait sign up and start using Elephant Drive to send large files.


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Richard August 9, 2009 at 1:45 pm

Great lecture, but I do not find anything giving the costs of Elephant drive. OK a free trial, but what does it really cost, and is it better than free systems?
Best regards,

Gustavo August 20, 2009 at 7:51 pm

Hi there,

I have special case one customer need distribute one file up to 4 Gb to 100 diferent locations on this locations the broadband connection is up to 1Mbps.

They need send 1 new file per week in on a deadline up to 2 days

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