Send large files. That’s what we focus on. This is a video podcast series about how to send large files.

If you need to send a large file to someone, you need to know what services and tools are available without needing tech knowledge. SendLargeFiles.org is dedicated to helping you find the solutions you need to send large file easily.

Sending these files through email just doesn’t work well if you are trying to send files that are five plus megabytes in size. If you and the recipient are both on Gmail you could move 20 MB files, but if the other party isn’t on Gmail then you have a problem. Yahoo supports about 10MB files as an alternative.

If you have a file bigger than that and you want to send it easily, that’s what SendLargeFiles.org is designed to explore. There are lots of services available on the internet for sending large files and they all have different characteristics. Some are easy to use, some are hard to use. We want easy to use. Some require you to install software, others just work through your browser. We like the browser based types of services.

Sending large files should be as easy as sending an email. We hope you like our reviews and recommendations on how to send large files over the internet.

If you want to learn more, check out our videos about how to send large files.

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