Elephant Drive Feedback

by admin on April 12, 2009

I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback about Elephant Drive and it’s ability to help you send large files and provide virtual backup services.

I hope you are finding it to work as well as I am.

Leave a comment if you try it.

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Send Large Files Using Elephant Drive

by admin on March 4, 2009


Elephant Drive is a fantastic service for sending large files that provides an easy to use file back up, virtual hard drive and send large files capability.

The main service provides a way to back up your files automatically up onto a data center somewhere on the internet. But what interested me was what they call a Trunk drive that creates the ability to send large files.. A Trunk drive is a virtual hard drive that acts just like a local hard drive. It has folders and files along with the ability to drag and drop files just like you do with your local hard drive.

Once you put a file on your hard drive, you just select it and use the Elephant Drive’s email service to send a notice to whoever you want to send the large file to. They get a free account and can share the file with you.

Super easy and affordable too.

They have a free trial so don’t wait sign up and start using Elephant Drive to send large files.



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